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My (very low-carb) Isle of Wight adventure

IOW-cottageAt the end of September, when England was having a glorious indian summer, I booked a tiny vintage cottage on the Isle of Wight.  I had decided to get away on my own for a week, experience my own company, eat very low carb, go for long seaside walks and generally leave real life behind as a little experiment.  I thought you all might be interested in the dietary side of my little adventure especially, so here is my experience!

My weight had been stuck for some time, despite my being a weight-loss guru….pretty much for two reasons.  1. I eat too much of my own recipes and let’s face it, even low carb goodies are still goodies at the end of the day and can really add up.  That’s why I have rules about them in my weight-loss plans. 2.  There are a couple of things I have trouble living without – coffee-mate and my daily glass of wine.  They make life lovely for me, but I don’t advocate them. (And I still had them on this adventure!).  This is a hard admission for me but, see?  I struggle too!  My low-carb diet keeps me fairly slim but I still have about 10lbs to lose.

Isn’t this cute?

IOW-cottage interior

For this week, I made some of my low-carb scones (biscuits) to have for breakfast and took seven, one for each morning. I also took two dozen eggs, cheddar cheese, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, two rib-eye steaks, 1/2 doz chicken wings, two chicken leg/thigh pieces, two salmon fillets, a spatchcocked poussin (cornish hen), slim noodles (konjac), feta cheese, lemons, garlic salt and salad. Also a tin of pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, Natvia sweetener, cocoa powder, almond milk, coffee and some soy cream (I’m lactose intolerant). I made a nice seasoning sauce by taking soy aminos (coconut aminos would be even better!), adding a bit of hot sauce and stevia drops to the bottle.  I also took some Ohso probiotic sugar-free chocolate bars.  They are tiny but a nice treat late at night.  I also had a good bottle of champagne (this was a holiday, after all), and a good bottle of pinot grigio!


This was my tiny kitchen.  Yes, that’s a cake above the fridge that the owners left for me but I didn’t touch it – honest!

Every morning I had my coffee (with coffee-mate – honestly I would have had cream if I could tolerate it!)  and a toasted, buttered scone.  Then I would go for a walk on the beach.



Lunch was eggs – scrambled or a cheese omelette, 2-3 eggs.  Sometimes a salad with olive oil, lemon and feta cheese.

In the afternoon I usually made a pumpkin spice latte with my almond milk, a bit of cream, a spoonful of pumpkin puree, Natvia and pumpkin spice.  It felt a real treat and filled me up until dinner. Then I would go for an afternoon walk.

I ate my dinner earlier than usual, about 6pm.  I had a glass of Champagne or wine with my meal. My evening meals were filling and delicious – this was not about serious deprivation!

I cooked with the coconut oil.

  1. 2 grilled salmon fillets with slim noodles and my special sauce (see above – similar to teriyaki).

  2. a pile of grilled chicken wings, again, marinated in my special sauce first.

  3. ribeye steak and feta salad.

  4. whole spatchcocked poussin, roasted with salt and pepper and lemon.

  5. 2 chicken leg quarters that had been marinated in my special sauce.

  6. ribeye steak and salad

  7. eggs again for dinner!  A big cheese omelette.

Then I watched the sunset.


And in the evening I made a big mug of hot chocolate with my almond milk, cream (yes, soy – use real cream if you can, or coconut cream!), Natvia, and cocoa powder…..and had my little Ohso sugar-free probiotic chocolate bar.

Despite my non-keto extras, I was in ketosis the whole week.  At the end of the week I had lost 3 lbs, which is astounding for me!  I know it was not just the diet – it was also the walking, which I just don’t do enough of at home.  I think I averaged an hr a day.  It was so nice to walk by the sea and I had amazing weather.  I loved eating this way and being away from home meant I was not tempted by other foods or even overdoing it while I experiment in the kitchen.

So this was my experiment, and I am going to try to do it a home too!  (Without the champagne – that was a holiday treat.  But maybe a nice dry cava..)  You might like to conduct your own experiment!  It seemed to work well to break a stall.  Ongoing I would advise you add more veggies and salad.

Before I left I already knew that this way of eating significantly lowered my risk of heart disease, since I had a recent check-up.  It’s the lack of sugars and starches that lowers your triglycerides which means you don’t have fat zooming around your body looking for an artery….


Happy eating!