Special Ingredients – Flours


In order to create baked goods we need a low carb substitute for flours.  Although there are many gluten free options on the shelves, there are no low carb options.  So now we need to get creative!

The best options are nut flours, especially ground almonds and coconut flour.  These behave very differently from wheat flour AND from each other, but they are essential if you wish to make low carb goodies.  Ground almonds and coconut flour can easily be bought these days.  I can find ground almonds everywhere and coconut flour and coconut oil I have bought from Ocado as well as Amazon.  I now buy ground almonds in bulk from Amazon as well to save money.  Peanut flour and sesame flour are also available.  Another useful ingredient is psyllium husks.  They help give body and structure to some baked goods.  I use xanthan gum in some recipes for thickening.  Whey powder or powdered egg whites are useful for adding a lighter texture to baked goods.  Flax seeds are another useful ingredient, similiar in use to psyllium for adding bulk, texture and strength to a recipe.

Bear in mind that Coconut flour is very high in fibre and very absorbent.  You need less and you need to add more liquid & extra eggs.  I usually use a combination of almond flour and coconut flour and add an extra egg.

I keep a basket in the kitchen filled with just my special baking ingredients so when I want to make something it is all there and I’m not tempted to substitute something that isn’t going to be good for my body.

If your local supermarket doesn’t stock these your local health food store might if you don’t want to use Amazon.  Certainly it is worth asking!

For advice on sweeteners click here:  http://kimsclub.co.uk/?page_id=253

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