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Here is another easy treat.  I buy Cavalier Stevia sweetened dark chocolate bars (in the States you can use Chocoperfection) and melt them in the microwave (careful, this chocolate is sensitive!  You need 40-60 seconds typically, depending on your microwave.  OR you can melt in a bowl over simmering water).  Add a scant teaspoon of butter per 100gm of chocolate and stir well until melted.

The pretty chocolates above are peppermint flavoured solid chocolate (add the bit of butter for a creamy texture and a few drops of peppermint oil after melting the chocolate).   I just used my candy mould.  I keep these in the fridge in an airtight baggie.

For filled chocolates, using mini paper cases or a silicon candy mould, take a tsp of chocolate and smear around the sides and bottom.

Pop into the freezer for a few minutes until set.  Fill with a mixture of powdered Sukrin icing (or other powdered sweetener) mixed with coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint oil to make a paste.  Fill cups with a blob of the mixture, top with more melted chocolate and back in the freezer until set.  Keep in the fridge.

Experiment with sweetened nut butter fillings (peanut butter cups!) or desiccated coconut (Bounty – type bars!).

For the almond butter cups I melted a bit of butter into warmed almond butter, added a small amount of fine almond flour (you can use a bit of coconut flour instead) and Stevia (or the sweetener of your choice) to give more body and sweetness.

There are other sugar-free chocolate bars out there – you can use what you like and work out your carbs from the packaging.  I prefer Cavalier (or sometimes I make my own chocolate from scratch, but really, who has time??) BECAUSE most bars out there are sweetened with Maltitol which gives me tummy cramps.  On Amazon you can find erythritol sweetened chocolate which is quite nice.

Cavalier has 367 kcal, 16g carbohydrate and 29g fibre per 85g bar.  Approximately 120 kcal per candy in a small paper case (4 per bar) with filling.


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