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All the ingredients I use can be purchased here:  http://kimsclub.co.uk/?page_id=853

Are you trying to lose weight?  Follow a low-carb diet?  Live more “Paleo”?  Avoid sugar?  Avoid gluten?  Maybe you are diabetic or pre-diabetic?  A coeliac?  Join the club!  I am YOUR Low-Carb & weight-loss Coach.

Here at Kim’s club I am offering recipes and life plans for the special person (you!) here in the UK and the EU.  Welcome to the club!  I offer alternative ways of eating and living so that everyone becomes healthier, happier and smarter about their food and life choices.  I will show you where to buy special products and how to use them to make yummy, low-carb, sugar-free, gluten-free, high fibre alternatives to your favourite foods.  I use both imperial and metric measurements so no matter where you are in the world, you can use my recipes.  Please visit my shop where you will find everything you need to create delicious gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb treats and meals.  It will help support my efforts!

I have been researching and using low carb eating plans for 40 years to control my weight and my IBS symptoms.  Many people around the world have found that this way of eating can also help with diabetes, epilepsy, arthritis, fybromyalgia, depression, autism and anxiety.  I am not making any claims – research and medical trials are ongoing – but urge you to do your own research and give it a go if you want to see how it might benefit you!

If you want to lose weight, feel better and get healthier, then my weight-loss plans are the perfect way to start.  Just click on either of the WEIGHT-LOSS PLANS (top right of screen) to see how to get your downloads!   You can purchase JUST the low-carb plan for only £1.00 (including shopping list, advice, and menu plan), or the whole lot for £5.00 (LCHF, Paleo, Food-combining, with shopping lists, stall-breakers, and menu plans)

Low-Carb plan click here: http://kimsclub.co.uk/?page_id=914

Full set of weight-loss plans click here: http://kimsclub.co.uk/?download=weight-loss-plans-kims-club

I also offer one-to-one eating plans designed JUST FOR YOU, taking into account YOUR goals, YOUR food preferences and YOUR lifestyle.  I hold a diploma in personal nutrition and an advanced diploma in person-centered counseling and will guide and support you through your transformation. This involves a consultation, customized eating plan, and weekly follow-ups (tweaking your plan if necessary).  I can do this by e-mail, phone and/or skype or you can book an appointment to work with me in person.  (In person you get to join me for a coffee and my latest goodies!)

I can also teach you to use alternative ingredients to make lots of lovely treats suitable for LCHF diets, diabetics and gluten intolerants/coeliacs.

Contact me on kimclaus1@aol.com or 07977217730   I live in Surrey, England, in the Guildford/Godalming/Haslemere area

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to Kim’s Club: Low-Carb, Gluten-Free & Paleo Recipes, Sugar-Free recipes & Weight-Loss Coach

  1. Jackie Driver

    Sounds interesting. Tried low carb for a few years and did lose weight (Idiot Proof Diet, India Knight). Paleo mainly since September but completely off the rails over Chrstmas. Hard to understand that on Paleo you can eat fruit but for low carb it is a no no as full of sugars. Got quite a few Paleo recipe books but mainly American so hard to find some of the ingredients which can be quite costly. Live in Wormley, so very close to you

    1. Kim Post author

      Jackie, you must be my neighbour! Wormley isn’t very big! I like Paleo for health, but find it to be a bit difficult not to eat dairy (although I think it is healthier not to eat it!) and also to lose weight. I have been using low-carb all my adult life for weight control and find it is also good for arthritis and IBS symptoms personally, and many other inflammatory conditions. I know India’s book, I have it and it is quite good. So yes, Paleo allows fruit, and honey and maple syrup. While our ancestors may have had access to these foods they were rare, seasonal and the fruit was much less sweet and lower on the glycemic index than it is today. If weight loss is the goal then I advocate low-carb, once weight-loss is achieved then I feel it is a choice between paleo and low-carb/low glycemic to maintain weight and good health. If you’d like to meet up for discussion, then just email me. I’m sure you are just a short walk away!

    2. Kim Post author

      Hi Jackie – I don’t know if you are still interested in learning more about following Paleo but I now have a set of downloads which covers Paleo, low-carb and food combining for weight-loss and health, with shopping lists, menu ideas and tips for boosting weight loss. There are 13 PDF downloads included – 35 pages! Also, most of my recipes can be made paleo, and they are written for the UK as well as EU and USA. I hope this helps!

  2. Sheila Hammond

    Looks interesting, need low carbs, diabetic but not on any medication ….. Yet. More information please.

    1. Kim Post author

      Hi Sheila – By eliminating foods that cause a blood glucose spike you can – in many cases – control your diabetes through diet. A low-carb diet eliminates grains, sugars and starches which all have a high glycemic index and can raise your blood sugars. You might want to have a look at this website: http://www.lowcarbdiabetic.co.uk/ I have read so many personal accounts of diabetics being able to reduce or eliminate their medication – especially type 2’s. Let me know if I can help you further in any way.

  3. Shelly

    I’m very excited to see your recipes and ideas. I am an idiopathic epileptic that medicine does not help. I find being gluten free is a major component in keeping them at bay . Low carb also is my most successful way of losing weight. My biggest battle is sugar at this point! I just can’t seem to get away from sweet tea! I try to stay away from anything artificial as well. Again, I’m excited about your recipes and ideas.

    1. Kim Post author

      Hi Shelly – Sorry for the delay, I have been traveling! I understand about the sugar in your tea – my husband had that problem too. But now he has switched over to sweeteners and I’m sure you can too. I use Stevia or erythritol in my drinks – these are both natural products, even though they don’t sound it! You might have a look at my page on sweeteners for more info. Sugar certainly won’t help your weight or your epilepsy. Well done for going gluten free and trying to go low-carb! That should help you on all fronts, it just takes a bit of planning and experimenting. Let me know if I can help further.

  4. Eileen maqcdonald

    I think this looks so good! Very enticing and professional. I’m impressed at how many types of people you are catering for. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes!


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